Hey Peeps! It’s I, The Street Girl.

Crazy isn’t it? It is, I know in fact you know but “Life is what you make it”. I want my life to get better and better but not the best because always wanted to have vogue trends of my own. I want to have to have a safe place to land. And it’s nothing else but my own heart, my own conscious. Life is like an ocean, the piousness it has, the waves it carries, inspires me a lot. I’m actually a bit crazy. Why? Because I have never been to an ocean physically. It’s all my feelings, my visions and my virtual experiences through movies, novels, people’s talks.

Thinking about these natural beauties, i step into another world. It is like living the life of those chirping birds in the sky. Because for them, sky is their ocean, wind blowing is the wave they feel, and I, I see those mountains, those green charm and, and stand there holding my breath. It feels safer than breathing, it’s strange but true. When you let go all your problems, tensions and grieves, it becomes tough to hide under yourself then. I close my eyes, feel that safety, that bond which nature connects to me and the wild ocean and they say me to leave these negatives to them and carry all the positivism with me. That one day I can’t forget when they showed me the real beauty, they showed me THEM. The sun, the trees, the mountains, the water, the stars, agricultural jewelry they wear, magic of chilled and fresh wind, some slum little Noddy playing under there roof, trust me, it felt like PARADISE. You know, the beauty out here, teaches us just one thing, “Amidst this chaos of life, start living the value”. I understood, the value is I, I should live the life I like, the way I like, do what I like, simply, I should be HAPPY. AMIGOS, you should be happy. Through my blog, I’ll make sure people get to read my stories, my experiences, the connection I share with my world, my streets. And I’m here for you all, I’ll always be. I don’t believe in huge commitments, yeah but I do believe in smiles. And it will always be my priority to make you all smile. Because that’s one most precious pearl ocean showed me. And I want to be that person to afford it. I hope you’ll help me.

That is why I chose to be a blogger. To share all my trends, ideas, experiences with you. I’m your Street Girl- “THE STREET FASHIONISTA”