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When you let go all your problems, tensions and grieves, it becomes tough to hide under yourself then. I stand facing the scenery, I close my eyes, feel that safety, that bond which nature connects to me and the wild ocean and they say me to leave these negatives to them and carry all the positivism with me. That one day I can’t forget when they showed me the real beauty, they showed me THEM. The sun, the trees, the mountains, the water, the stars, agricultural jewelry they wear, magic of chilled and fresh wind, some slum little Noddy playing under there roof, trust me, it felt like PARADISE. You know, the beauty out here, teaches us just one thing, “Amidst this chaos of life, start living the value”. I understood, the value is I, I should live the life I like, the way I like, do what I like, simply, I should be HAPPY. AMIGOS, you should be happy. Through my blog, I’ll make sure people get to read my stories, my experiences, the connection I share with my world, my streets.

And here when i decided to go for Nainital. 38 we and a bus with our 2 faculties, wow! What a trip! Before heading for Nainital I went to a place for my brunch and there I had a dish which is basically a Tibetan dish “SHA PHALEY”-

  • Bread stuffed with seasoned veggies/non-veg stuffing.
  • They are either deep fried or pan fried.

The one I ate was pan fried and was so mouth-watering and delicious. I had two “Sha Phaley”-

-Paneer / soft cheese stuffing with cabbage, capsicum, few more and little spicy it was, which added to the flavor well.

-Spicy and appetizing chicken one.

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Guys you should definitely try this. Thank You HANGOUT CASA for such tremendous dish, it seriously made my day and as we say “A jovial belly leads to a merry heart”. I had one that eve and my entire journey I couldn’t help to forget the taste.

And about Nainital, who thought that natural beauty of hills can affect someone so deep. I didn’t. It brought me many happy memories.

But it affected me, I mean, it was sublime. Travelling and catching up those grace of nature, the curves of roads, the morning trekking was memorable. And when it comes to outfits I can never compromise.Image

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Simple and yet classy makes absolute difference. Go for being unique not just a gem in a mob.

So girls, nothing like denim trousers, fit-loose shirt and boots to be out and about on such trips while exploring the streets and camps. Travelling in the very attire will definitely make you feel comfy and snug. Try and go for it for next trip and do share me your experience.

17 thoughts on “Sha Phaley & Nainital- stories connected…….

  1. That’s crisp . Anybody can seriously learn some serious fashion goals from you even though she and even he doesn’t want or care about fashion . Amazing amazing start . Keep shining , keep travelling , keep paying and keep rocking as u do .

  2. It was a fantastic story specially, your
    way of writing, describing every thing in detail, your mindset to obserb the things.And there are so much positiveness in your story.I mean I really like your story.Keep it up.

  3. Actually sitting with our own thoughts can lead to such growth and realizations that are rare in our everyday busy lives and you done it very nicely….. Its awesome 😘😘

    1. Thanks Himanshu. And yes, you are abosolutely correct. People should definitely spend some self time.

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